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Flowing Waters
Flowing Waters

Flowing Waters is the youth ministry division of Rich Robes Ministries Inc.

The main focus for Flowing Waters is to transform children and youth for Jesus Christ.

We are commissioned to go to all the world and preach the good news about Jesus Christ and His kingdom. Our world begins with our community. God plants churches to transform communities, not communities to build churches.

We are praying that with Flowing Waters, we can attack the prince of darkness so that his powers would be destroyed and the Kingdom of our King Jesus would reign.

We want to raise young people in FLOWING WATERS with a TEHILLAH” in their mouth.

TEHILLAH means “praise” in Hebrew.

We want them to be “HALAL” for Jesus.

This means to act clamorously foolish, to boast, to make a show, to celebrate, and to be a fool for Jesus!”

Through “FLOWING WATERS,” we want young people to have an understanding of the religious and worldly darkness that keep young people from His truth. We want to see that the message of the gospel is delivered to every household in “FLOWING WATERS.”

We want to raise children and young people who are willing to be accountable to God and the ministry. We want to be able to teach them things such as praying, giving, serving, outreach ministry, worship, and maturity in Christ Jesus.

The word of God tells us that the fulfillment of the commandment is to make disciples. This is the work of training for the calling on ones life.

To do this, Rich Robes Ministries Inc. will have various ministries in place for Flowing Waters as shown on the following flow chart.

Flowing Waters Chart
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