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Flowing Waters
About Us

We look around at all the turmoil in the land and wonder what to do. The issues can not be resolved by tackling them worldwide but it must start individually. First with man, then woman, then children, which equates families.

Healed families make better neighborhoods, then better cities and states, then nations. Rich Robes Ministries Inc. has been divinely orchestrated to meet natural and spiritual needs of the family that our land may be healed.

To see people healed and walking in their purpose.

Rich Robes Ministries Inc. is the umbrella over


To point people toward the truths in the Word of God and help meet spiritual as well as natural needs so that they may make a difference, first in their homes and then in the areas in which they live and operate.

Pastor Shirley J. Jones

Pastor Shirley J. Jones was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.  The Lord blessed her to be the very proud mother of three sons and the grandmother of two—a boy and a girl.   She studied Liberal Arts at Temple University and attended Mount Airy Church of God in Christ Bible School in Philadelphia.  She became very affluent in the insurance business, where she was employed in private sector for about 18 years.  She currently works as a Quality Control Analyst for the federal government. 

About 1984 life began to take a swirl downward which caused Pastor Shirley to seek for help and satisfaction that was not earthly but divine.  That was the start of the divine journey that she has been on since that time.  That journey has taken her from Philadelphia to Virginia to Maryland.  Each stop has produced gains and losses, but above it all she has received a further revelation of who her God is to her and her to Him. This has produced a ministry within with her being ordained as a minister of the gospel in June 1996.   Hope Christian Church is her place of worship under the tutelage of Bishop Harry and Pastor Michelle Jackson.

She is the co-visionary of Rich Robes Ministries, a ministry dedicated to the healing of families to heal the nations.  She is the Director of Arise Ministries (a subsidiary of Rich Robes Ministries), a ministry geared toward women becoming healed and walking in their divine purpose.  Called not only to speak the word, but also to write the word, in 1997 she authored her first book, “Intimacy with God.” 

Pastor Shirley has declared that she should be about her Father’s business and acknowledges that her life is to be an available vessel to be used to set the captives free. Her desire is to spend her remaining years furthering the kingdom of God.  She feels honored and so blessed that God would choose her to deliver His word and to love His people.  She gives Him all the glory.  There is no other place that she would rather be than in the hands of her loving Father.

Pastor Irma N. McKnight

Pastor Irma McKnight, a native of Alabama, is a resident of Accokeek, MD.  She has been employed with the federal government for over 30 years.  She is a Team Leader and Senior Program Analyst for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, specializing in human resources, counseling, and communications.  Previously she was employed with the Army as a Public Affairs Specialist and a Writer/Editor.

She holds a Bachelors Degree in English and a Masters Degree in Management and Supervision.  She is completing the requirements for a Doctorate in Christian Counseling from Freedom Bible College and Seminary.

Pastor Irma was ordained in 2000 and has served as a teacher, minister, and intercessor.  She has authored two books, “Mourning Into Dancing” and “A Sickness Not Unto Death.”  Furthering her love of the written word and desiring to see God’s people spiritually fed, she recently established Kingdom Living Bookstore and Publishing LLC.  With a burning passion to see God’s people healed and walking abundantly in that which God has called, in 2005 she co-founded “Rich Robes Ministries Inc.,” a nonprofit outreach ministry serving Prince Georges County, Maryland, and the surrounding metropolitan area. 

Because of His goodness and His mercy, God has allowed her to look beyond what she can see and to feel more than she can touch.  Her desire is to continue to be used for God’s good and His glory and to make known His faithfulness to all generations.  All praises belong to Him!

A 501(c) (3) Nonprofit Organization